About the Liqueur

A good liqueur should unfold on the palate in a series of taste sensations. While the first taste of Ti-toki Liqueur reveals a certain texture and warmth, it is followed by a deliciously smooth sweet after-taste. The second, third and fourth tastes unravel slightly different depths and sensations.

Ti-toki Liqueur is incredibly versatile and can be savoured ‘straight up’ – either at room temperature or chilled over ice; in a delicious cocktail, as a speciality coffee or mixed with gingerbeer, soda or tonic water.
Used in the Winning Extreme Cocktail Jet Challenge in the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup 2006.

Ti-toki Liqueur is gaining a reputation in the culinary sector by chef’s who are using it in their menu creations for that unique and authentic taste of Aotearoa. Ti-toki Ltd supports this sector through it’s involvement as one of the cluster companies of Great Taste NZ – who define NZ cuisine by representing a cluster of unique NZ companies and their products at hospitality level.

Used in the regional winner’s menu creation – 2005 Monteiths Wine & Food Challenge.

In general, Ti-toki Liqueur is perfectly positioned as the liqueur which:

  • Is uniquely ‘New Zealand’
  • Has a flavour that is quite distinctive
  • Is available in an iconic highly recognisable ceramic crock which has a longstanding history in New Zealand
  • Is available in a stylish glass bottle