Our Products

Ti-toki Liqueur is available in four options:

IMG_2322500ml Ceramic Crock
The Ti-toki ceramic crock has become an iconic feature of New Zealand, and has been marketed and sold in New Zealand for nearly 30 years. These crocks have a distinctive, trademarked Maori design which makes it easy for customers to recognize from a distance in shops. Our retail box reflects the 28 year history of the liqueur and the crock.

IMG_2340500ml Glass Bottle
Ti-toki Liqueur is available in a stylish tall 500ml glass bottle which is attractively labelled in gold. This unit is a very popular item.



IMG_234450ml Miniature  
Ti-toki Liqueur is available in a 50ml miniature.



2L Pub PET
To support the culinary use of Ti-toki Liqueur, a 2L Pub PET is available.